Architecture Floor Plans are very useful for architects as they can found errors in the design and can rectify them easily before constructing the building. Colorful texture and furniture provides real feeling of the virtual building.Architecture Floor Plans are available both in 2D and 3D formats.

Skyscraper Solutions produce 2D Floor Plans with specific clients’ requirements. Every public and private building requires 2D Floor Plans to navigate safety routes, exits and fire extinguishers of the building for their visitors. Skyscraper Solutions designs a whole range of 2D Floor Plans for various sectors particularly shopping malls, schools, hospitals, apartments and many more. The 2D floor plans are drawn from architect’s plan to give a clear picture of the building, location of fire extinguishers, safety routes and emergency exits. The 2D Floor Plan can be used for various purposes like for induction, handbook, presentation, website, brochures, etc. Most of the establishments have their 2D Site Plan in the reception area. By showing 2D Floor Plan, you can increase the buyer’s interest. If you just want building’s layout, then the 2D black and white floor plan is perfect for you. Buyers will have a great understanding of the building’s layout. If you want to increase more interest of buyers on the property, then go for colorful 2D floor plan. Potential buyers will be able to see colorful layout of the home. They can think of where they can arrange their furniture in the room in a proper way. If you want to showcase the home’s layout with flooring and outdoor space, a 2D textured floor plan will give an extra feature to provide sufficient details to potential buyers.

Skyscraper Solutions create easy to understand 3D Floor Plan to show off the property as good as like walking through the building. Imagination of the whole building before construction is not possible for an ordinary person. But in 3D floor plans, it is possible to have imagination of the whole building before construction. You will have a great idea of design of the building that is going to be built. 3D Floor Plan is very important for any building because you will have sufficient time to rectify the error before construction of the building. 3D Floor Plan helps you to measure architectural data into a real time construction. 3D Floor Plan helps architects to decide where to place the connecting doors for easy access. The use of 3D Floor Plan is very important when you want to renovate your building or add an extension to your building. 3D Floor Plan helps architects as well as the clients before construction of the building.

Madhusudan Builders

Skyscraper Solutions designed beautiful and attractive Floor Plans & Site Plan for our M Infiniti project in 2D & 3D. All the designs were attractive and the outcome is really helpful in understaing the plans to us as well as to our customers.

Commercial 2D Floor Plan
With 2D commercial floor plan, we exactly understand about plan layoutand design as per your need.
Commercial 3D Floor Plan
Skyscraper Solutions provides a clear overview of commercial floor plan and clearly displays the overall layout of the property.
Residential 2D Floor Plan
We create accurate and Impressive residential floor plan.
Residential 3D Floor Plan
Skyscraper Solutions offers residential 3D floor plan with a closer perspective into every corner of the project to easily visualize their dreams.


2 BHK Flat

576 Sq ft. 2 BHK Duplex

3D Site Plan

3D Floor Render

1125 Sqft. Flat Plan

3 BHK Flat Plan

485 Sqft. Flat Plan

Typical Floor Plan

Apartment Floor Plan

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