Email, SMS and WhatsApp is a new form of advertising used by the modern companies for branding and promoting their businesses in order to enhance and support other marketing mediums such as social media and email. Skyscraper Solutions provides this marketing strategy for both current and probable customers to give the right information for the right people at the right Time. In the era of technologies, SMS, WhatsApp and email marketing has become a legitimate advertising channel and mobile marketing via SMS and WhatsApp has expanded rapidly.

With our different marketing Software built by our team of professional developers, Skyscraper Solutions helps you to spread news, product & services or any other activity within a single click. Our Email, SMS and WhatsApp marketing software makes it easy for you to announce promotions, special offers in real time and enables you to save more. We also help you to discover, organize and communicate both online & offline with our affordable, fast & reliable services.

Skyscraper Solutions, does this by designing a specific mailer or message as per the requirement, choosing the appropriate type of messaging for the target audience, incorporating perfect call to action buttons at appropriate places & finally measuring the impact for better re-marketing.

Ujjwal Dental Clinic

We are more than pleased with our decision to get associated with Skyscraper Solutions to design our new website. As a growing Oral & Dental Care Unit, we initially did not think that we would go for any online activity, but with the guidance of Skyscraper Solutions, the result turned out to be really good and more than what we actually expected.

Promotional Bulk SMS
For promoting and branding your services and products, we support you to get the way of sending SMS to your potential prospects and existing clients.
Transactional Bulk SMS
Create an effective template with us for the purpose of distribute necessary information regarding your product & services to your customers.
Bulk Email Marketing
Remain your business top of mind to your customers and build long lasting relationships with them through email marketing.
Bulk WhatsApp
Promote business through WhatsApp in the form of text/video/audio and image and generate good sales leads all around the world.


Bulk SMS

  • 5000 SMS @ 25 Paisa /SMS

  • 10000 SMS @ 20 Paisa /SMS

  • 25000 SMS @ 18 Paisa /SMS

  • 50000 SMS @ 16 Paisa /SMS

  • 100000 SMS @ 14 Paisa /SMS

  • 200000 SMS @ 12 Paisa /SMS

  • 500000 SMS @ 10 Paisa /SMS

  • Database : Starting @ 3 Paisa/Data

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Bulk WhatsApp

  • 5000 Msg @ 30 Paisa /SMS

  • 10000 Msg @ 28 Paisa /SMS

  • 25000 Msg @ 25 Paisa /SMS

  • 50000 Msg @ 20 Paisa /SMS

  • 100000 Msg @ 18 Paisa /SMS

  • 200000 Msg @ 18 Paisa /SMS

  • 500000 Msg @ 16 Paisa /SMS

  • Database : Starting @ 3 Paisa/Data

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Bulk Email

  • 5000 Email @ 15 Paisa /SMS

  • 10000 Email @ 12 Paisa /SMS

  • 25000 Email @ 10 Paisa /SMS

  • 50000 Email @ 8 Paisa /SMS

  • 100000 Email @ 7 Paisa /SMS

  • 200000 Email @ 6 Paisa /SMS

  • 500000 Email @ 5 Paisa /SMS

  • Database : Starting @ 3 Paisa/Data

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