Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Website pricing is a direct reflection of the amount of design and development necessary to accomplish your project’s goals. Since every website has its own unique set of requirements, we cannot offer a single, standardized pricing model. For more information about our pricing or to get a price quote for your project, please contact us or visit us http://www.skyscrapersolution.com/Request-A-Quote.aspx.
  • Website delivery time depends on several factors including project complexity, amount of custom development, client revisions, and more. A simple brochure website can take as little as 3 weeks while a more complicated ecommerce site can take up to 8 weeks.
  • Yes, Skyscraper Solutions offers 1 month of free, comprehensive support after go-live. This includes fixing any “bugs” and minor graphical modifications.
  • Yes. Most of Skyscraper Solutions come with a Content Management System (CMS) where any site administrator can update content and images.
  • Since most of our websites come with Content Management Systems, Skyscraper Solutions does not charge any maintenance fees after your site goes live. Your only ongoing expense for your website will be for web hosting and any software licensing (if necessary), which we will discuss with you during the project’s development.

    If you ever require Skyscraper Solutions for any additional development of site functionality, we can either provide a price quote for the project or bill you at our hourly rate.

  • Yes, all of our projects are performed as "works made for hire" meaning you will be the legal owner of your entire website.
  • Skyscraper Solutions does hosting directly. If your project has unique hosting requirements, we will work with you to find the best possible web hosting solution.
  • Yes, Skyscraper Solutions has years of experience in online marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We will work with you to define your web marketing goals and come up with a comprehensive strategy to help you achieve them.
  • Yes, depending on your site’s requirements we can code to any W3C standard to avoid common coding errors and warnings.
  • Admittedly, you can never get exactly what you need to establish your successful online store right out of the box. Still, our combination of offerings helps you keep a lid on your costs, especially when you’re starting out. We work with leading open-source partner companies and offer third-party extensions that will enhance your customers’ end-to-end user experience. What’s more, we can integrate best-of-breed enterprise platforms and adapt them to your specific business needs either from the get-go or as your business starts to grow.
  • Absolutely! We build websites using scalable architecture. We provide you with a content management system (CMS) that is fully automated and integrated with the structure of your website to allow your site administrator or other employee with designated privileges to update content and images. Our CMS makes it easy to create new pages or delete obsolete ones, allowing addition or removal of items to your product catalog.
  • We integrate enterprise platform systems with your unique website to guarantee your customers’ credit card and order data information is secure. In many cases, all credit card and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks, a 256-bit SSL certificate. Our platforms accommodate PCI certification as well. What’s more, in addition to developing websites that accept a variety of credit cards, our systems are interoperable with an array of payment gateways, which offer consumers and merchants the ability to safely and securely conduct business transactions online.
  • The efficiency of the checkout process can literally make or break an online purchase. Our websites include standard checkouts that ensure you have accurate information at your fingertips. This includes automated processes that can integrate shipping with major carriers and tax rate computation across states and countries. Plus, EDI integration with warehousing and inventory management and order management systems help to minimize out-of-stock mistakes and eliminate costly errors in product fulfilment. What’s more, in many cases, our websites allow your customers to process multiple orders with the ease of one click.
  • We can set up search filters that allow you to put customers into groups. We can also enable you to capture information and use it to target your repeat or volume customers with special offerings, money-saving discounts and tiered-pricing options.
  • Typically, website pricing is contingent upon the amount of design and development required to fulfil your project goals. Those goals vary from project to project — as do individual retailer budgets. For these reasons, we do not offer a single standardized pricing model. But you can be sure at Skyscraper Solutions, we listen carefully and give thoughtful consideration to both your needs and how much you can or want to spend. Also keep in mind, following your launch date we provide one month of free, comprehensive support. This includes fixing system "bugs" and minor graphical modifications.
  • As customers are looking for convenient and time-saving ways to shop, mobile web sales are growing at a fast pace. To keep ahead of the curve, savvy online retailers are enabling their customers to experience optimal viewing across multiple platforms—from desktop, to mobile to tablet. When that is your objective, we use our expertise in responsive design to size and adapt images on your main site to mobile environments without compromising the user experience.
  • Our robust content management system makes it possible and easy for you to manage, tweak and update content regularly, keeping content both current and fresh.
  • Our websites accommodate the interactive features that involve users, make your website adaptive and result in your website getting more hits.
  • We build in efficient user controls to accommodate increased flexibility, and effectively use multiple screens to ensure that site visitors are able to see all choices and make selections easily. We also build in a filtering system that lets users choose by product, service or category.
  • We incorporate usage tools, QuickBooks, Sales force and FileMaker that provide audience data and reporting and allow you to evaluate the popularity of different pages, how long visitors stay on the site or a page and even the path with which they navigate through your site. We also integrate Google Analytics which supports features such as cross device and cross platform measurement and social reports. If you like, we can incorporate a “What’s New” feature into our content management system that engages frequent users by allowing them to see what has changed since their last visit.
  • The enormous range of website requirements—essentially whether you want a fully customized, unique website or open-source development—make it difficult to quote a flat rate for website development. Because we listen carefully to what you want to accomplish with your site, we can recommend a blend of offerings that will enable you to enhance your users’ experiences at the same time that you control your costs —for example, leading open-source, third-party extensions and best-of-breed platforms combined with customized back-end feature. Come in and talk to us to research your best options in solution and cost.
  • Yes, that's true. SEO for ecommerce is more detailed than traditional SEO. Successful eCommerce SEO relies on many disciplines: conversion rate through optimization, analytics, web design and development preferably in ecommerce, economy, usability and user experience. An understanding of buying behaviours, knowledge of commerce and retail business functions, and social media marketing and communication are also essential. Because of these diverse requirements, experts recommend E-retailers turn to consultants or companies who have this depth and breadth of expertise.
  • Immediately, SEO must be integrated into the business website early in the planning phase, before you even start working on your wireframes and design. Failing to carve out your SEO strategy on the front-end can cause unexpected problems when you’re ready to launch or create obstacles to success later.
  • This has to be handled carefully but is manageable with the right skill—another reason experts recommend that retailers turn to consultants and companies with SEO expertise. At Skyscraper Solutions, we understand that establishing good information architecture, website structure and internal link architecture at the outset are essential to rank new product pages well.
  • If you’re initiating a paid Search Engine Marketing ad, you can be placed on the first page of Google within about 24 hours if the services firm uses Google Ad Words. We do. An organic campaign, however, takes more time. Organic search involves natural listings. To produce these results, Google uses a series of metrics to ensure that your site is relevant. To have your site show here, you have to score well on that algorithmic test, and many variables are involved. To get a handle on your organic search potential, it is best to meet with Skyscraper Solutions SEO team.
  • We subscribe to the sequence of home page, category then products. Next to the home page, category pages are the most popular and influential ones. Therefore, we treat category pages as individual home pages. We also believe in building deep links to product categories: guest blogging, content marketing, paid ads and social media work well in this hierarchy. This approach provides users with the best, most informative and fastest service.