Have you ever thought about enhancing the visibility of your enterprise by developing windows application? If no, then it’s high time to do so.

As we all know that Windows Application is the demand of the growing era that provides a whole lot of visibility to any application. This visibility not only just increases your sales, but also provides you a platform to be in touch with your customers thereby increasing your brand loyalty and helping you to build strong relationship with them.

Skyscraper Solutions has been developing windows applications for many of its clients that target the desktop, the web, devices, and the cloud. Whether you are developing your first Windows Store app or building a website to support the latest browsers, you can blindly entrust on Skyscraper Solutions for custom designs and high-performance application. We are a team of highly skilled professionals that inherits every expertise needed to develop windows applications for different clienteles. We use the latest tools and technologies to meet your ever-growing requirements and also research to see how we can do better so that we can give you that competitive edge you have always been dreaming about.

Adityapur Auto Cluster

Skyscraper Solutions, not only they developed easy to use software for us but also they kept in mind what we needed to perform our task to minimize the workload we were facing in our work flow. Now managing task of our employees and customers is so much easier and fun.

Inventory/Stock Management
For smooth management of your stocks we create application to minimize the investment in inventory that enhances firm’s profitability.
Accounting Management Software
Manages your financial transactions of businesses accurately and eliminating human errors in calculation by developing accounting software with us.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
We help you to manage customer data, business information and maintain relationship with your employees & vendors.
Payroll Management
Ensures the accuracy & timeliness of employees salary, manage all comprehensive data and provide organisation to generate customised report.
Hotel/Restaurant Management
We provide unique and easy to use applications for restaurants and hotels to manage customer dining, billing & accommodation and other details.
Invoice/Billing Management
Generate bills like accounting, inventory, purchase, expenses and send to your customer via email, SMS or get it printed without wasting time.
Attendance/Leave Management
Easier to record attendance/leave without paperwork and reduces the chances of data loss and eliminating manual efforts to enhance profitability.
Others Application
We develop and handle many other types of cost effective windows application to suit your requirements within given time frame.


Attendance Management

Banquet Management

Canteen Management

Company Management

Employee Management

Hotel Management

Inventory Management

Payroll Management

Restrurant Management

School Management

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